The 3 Best MMORPG Games to Be Aware of Right Now

Online gaming has reached highs it never actually expected to, even to the point of creating another genre to the gaming scene: MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games). This title kind of speaks for itself, does it not? Well, it does exactly that. This world in which we live in is already massive; now imagine even bigger worlds inside a video game. Do you want that? Read below these kinds of games available.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

We all have heard of Final Fantasy in our lives, correct? With more than two decades with us and lots of spin-off titles, it is not a surprise the series has reached the online scene. Back in 2002 they tried with Final Fantasy XI but then came back and better than ever with this entry.

With such a large fan base out there, to play an online game based on this rich world is but all the more exciting. Chocobos, jobs, lots of Final Fantasy lore in one big game? We think they nailed it.

League of Legends

Most people know about this game, correct? Tournaments, news, even on awards LOL (league of legends manages to stand out just for what it is. What is it? It’s a free to play game that has managed to gain millions and millions of players since its release long ago.

Is the game outdated? No, the developers keep on updating it according to fans demands, and that’s essential for an online game.


Out of the many games of this genre, there are few which actually manage to stand out right now being new. Dauntless is a very good example of those games which do it. Take it as a Monster Hunter type game set in another universe with a different style. The premise being the same, but with different touches, why not try it out? Not many people had faith prior to release and nowadays many are playing this.

While wars in the real world are something bad, wars (as competitions) in video games are a good thing. Hence, MMORPGs are here to stay. Who knows? Maybe you end up in an eSports tournament and get the chance of winning real money. Now, that sounds nice.…

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3 Popular Online Games Every Serious Gamer Should Be Playing Already

Online gaming may have started in PC only, but what about consoles and gaming as a whole ever expanding in any device out there? Online gaming is not restricted to the ‘always online requirement to play’ no, and that’s why some games offer this option alongside campaigns and the like.

Enjoyed the single player ride? Hop on into its online community. Want to play an online only game? It really doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy playing online, and here the most popular online games every serious gamer should be playing already.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 – Online Gameplay #4 from Brandon Bain on Vimeo.

Coming from Nintendo this third-person shooter, yes a shooter, doesn’t involve true weapons, now would it? Instead, the shooting is replaced by water guns filled with ink of diverse colors. One plays as kids, to shoot ink and paint/defeat your opponents, and also win some territory ala Unreal tournament from the 90s, remember those?

Splatoon 2 is funny, really colorful and most of all: accessible. Available on the Nintendo Switch, the option to play it on the big screen is great, but to be able to play it on the go? Now we are talking. Online gaming on the go? It sounds nice.

Rocket League

Rocket League / RLCS open from Brett Morris on Vimeo.

Capacity.™ Rocket League Championship Series Open from Capacity on Vimeo.

First things first, what comes to your mind when hearing this? Rockets? Yeah. Now, league? Is there a competition involving rockets? No, but close. Welcome to Rocket League, a game where you will play soccer, with cars… rocket powered cars.

Do not let that premise ruin the fun for you, this is a neat idea that really comes to life once you play. Kind of a challenge to master, but really addictive to play Rocket League is on the big leagues for Online gaming, seriously. Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, Rocket League awaits.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World from Vidéotron le superclub on Vimeo.

Like big landscapes? Like dinosaurs and great creatures? Like hunting them… with friends? Look no further. Monster Hunter World lets you do that with wonderful graphics, addictive gameplay, and guaranteed satisfaction. Try it out; it is hard to put this game down once started.

Online game is only getting better as years go by, and while we still don’t know what 2018 may bring new to the table, these online games are sure to keep us entertained for quite the while.…

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Gaming and Grades – Can Your Child Benefit At School From Playing Videogames?

Education, we all know children begin attending school at a young age, but what about video games? What happens when education and video games are written in the same sentence? In some cases, parents forbid the use of video games alongside studies, yet this can be changed as it has been shown that playing video games can actually help your kid the more at school. Want to learn how? Keep on reading.

Research Results

According to a research done in RMIT University located in Melbourne, Australia those students who incorporate gaming into their days while attending school do better in subjects like math, reading and writing, and science.

Not to go under technical details or something like that imagine you are playing a Role-Playing Game (involving math). You have your health points to look out for while you play to see if they decrease or need to increase in order to continue playing.

Now, you find a health item, it is time to see how much HP (health points) such item will recover to see much HP you will get back. By doing that, while your conscience is focused on healing up, your unconscious is doing the math for you, and that is something video games do while entertaining players: teaching them. Of course, not all video games fit the bill for this, but you get the idea.

Educational Benefits

Due to this fact, mixing video games with education can have positive effects, one just need to know which game our children will be playing. Online gaming? That also helps, just make sure your kids are actually playing video games and not scrolling and watching memes on social media.

That might help them laugh or develop other skills not related to studies, so that can wait until your child has been in contact with education, either by traditional standards or by video games. Balance is key to one’s education, and even more with kids.…

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