In “Black Pool Aiming Higher” our passion are videogames. That’s one of the reasons why we write with such enthusiasm and care, because this passion -that only the videogames can produce- increases since there are too many videogames out there in the market and new videogames coming every day.

However, is hard to keep an eye in the ones that truly deserve to be played and the ones that are suited for other audience.

One of the most important sections in our opinion is the “Review” section, where we take a closer look at new video games and we analyze them in depth. We test their online gaming and community and we also test other options such as controllers and graphics to determine their quality.

Finally, if the game passes the review, we recommend it to all our readers and visitors.With this analysis we can conclude that if a video game deserves to be played regularly and whether it deserves the attention of the online community gamers that search for new games every day.

We don’t want you to waste your time playing regular games and complaining about them, we consider your time so precious that should play only the best online games.

That’s why we take so seriously reviewing online videogames. Our reason is: YOU.