Three points against Wacker are mandatory for Sturm

Before tomorrow’s duel between Sturm and rising star FC Wacker, the situation in both camps is tense. FCW-Goalie Knett fit again.

Innsbruck – After twelve rounds only three points behind Sturm Graz – FC Wacker would have signed this immediately before the start of the season. But there’s a big catch at the moment, as both teams are ranked in the lower half of the table and are in highly precarious situations before tomorrow’s duel in the Merkur Arena. Sturm are extremely under pressure after only two points from the last five league games, and the western ascender is even threatened by the red lantern.

The fact that the Blackys are currently only table eight does not fit at all to their demands. In addition, the Hartberg players, who currently enjoy the status of the number one in football in Styria, are flying high. And yesterday, the city rival GAK also made positive headlines with the quarter-finals of the Cup. And the Blackys finally want or have to produce them again on Saturday.

Heiko Vogel Honours 


  • Swiss Super League: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Swiss Cup: 2010, 2012
  • Uhrencup Winner: 2011

St. Pölten sugar bingo

“I’m looking forward to every match against FC Wacker. But especially in this match we have to win,” Fabian Koch sums it up. The Natterer belongs to the permanent staff of the Graz club and doesn’t want to talk the misery into words. “The fact that we are not exactly pursued by the play luck, may also be. But the fact is definitely that we hit too little in the front and are simply too susceptible in the back,” the Tyrolean wants to reverse the trend with a storm against his fellow countrymen: “I don’t care how, the main thing is that three points are awarded. It can also be a really dirty victory.” Which would also be in the spirit of his already controversial coach: “Logically we feel pressure, our boys have to learn to deal with it. Of course, we also lack the sense of achievement,” explained Heiko Vogel after the 2-0 bankruptcy in Hartberg and demanded two home victories: “Two home games follow, now six points against FC Wacker and St. Pölten are of course mandatory.”

It’s clear that the rising star from the West doesn’t want to contribute to the recovery of the storm. “We need every point ourselves,” Karl Daxbacher can read the table. After the hard work at the bitter 3:4 cup defeat in Hartberg, the preparation for the business trip to the Styrian provincial capital was in the foreground for the Black Greens yesterday. At least they were spared further injuries. Daniel Gabriele, Flo Rieder, Dominik Baumgartner and Roman Kerschbaum are sure to drop out tomorrow. Christopher Knett, who will probably celebrate a comeback in the FCW goal, and Stefan Meusburger are on the squad again.

After the five points against the LASK, Salzburg and the Austria, the Innsbruckers get on the bus quite self-confidently today. “We have seen in the last rounds that Sturm has problems and we could keep up against top clubs. So it’s not impossible to take anything from Graz”, Daxbacher looks forward to the 13th game of the season. In addition, we also have to pay back for the bitter 2:3 bankruptcy at the Tivoli home game. Sugar Bingo is packed with rewarding bonuses and promotions!…

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